Our Track Record

Leading in Government Services

Sabzwar is one of Afghanistan’s leading companies specialising in government services. Our current activities range from providing licensing (Afia Trading, Mezzan, ANHAM and Mithra Associates) to government services such as work permits and visas (ANHAM and GardaWorld)

Administration Services

ANHAM is one of the largest international companies operating in Afghanistan. We at Sabzwar are proud that ANHAM has chosen us to manage their payroll services contract for their Afghan staff. Awarded in March 2015, this contract was renewed and upgraded in 2016.

Contract & Project Management

Sabzwar manages ANHAM subcontracts with its local service providers, including fuel and food provision, generator maintenance, waste and pest management as well as asset rentals. This service ensures competitive pricing and strategic distance in cases of local challenges.

Top Legal Team

In the area of legal services, we have one of the top legal teams available in Afghanistan. Among others, Sabzwar is currently providing a broad range of legal support to ANHAM FZCO, Afia Trading and Mezzan. This ranges from legal advice and representation to litigation and lawsuit support.

Research and Capacity Building

Through the acquisition of Inteqal LLC, Sabzwar has inherited its experience and capabilities gained over several years. During its period of operations since 2011, Inteqal LLC had implemented multiple research, training, capacity building and professional development projects across Afghanistan.

Domestic Taxation Consultancy

Sabzwar provides tax services to national and internationally owned firms operating under license in Afghanistan. (ANHAM, Afia Trading, Green Village & Mithra Associates)

Investment Projects

As part of our support to business and investment in Afghanistan, Sabzwar has a part- nership with Mezzan-Sabzwar, a joint venture between the Kuwait-based Mezzan Holding and Sabzwar Agricultural Services, an Afghan company, whereby Sabzwar supports the JV’s agriculture and food services projects in Afghanistan.

Security is Key

In the security field, Sabzwar has close partnership with GardaWorld, one of the world’s largest security companies, and Afghanistan’s largest international private security provider. We have also partnered with an Afghan risk management company (RMC), Team-4-Risk Management Co., which enables us to help our clients with their static or mobile security needs.