About Sabzwar

Sabzwar Consulting and Support Services, founded in 2014, is one of Afghanistan leading companies offering professional advice, support and partnership to a diverse range of clients. In all our areas of expertise, such as management consulting, professional services, legal compliance, government relations, and business development we offer unmatched service to clients in Afghanistan as well as other countries where it operates though affiliate entities.

In 2014, Sabzwar acquired the license of Inteqal LLC, an Afghan company specializing in research, training, and capacity building. Thanks to the organizational legacy and adoption of Inteqal LLC key staff, Sabzwar can boast a track record of achievements in delivering professional services formerly provided by Inteqal.

Through our fully owned subsidiary, Kabul Employment Company (KEC), Sabzwar is one of the few Afghan companies licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan to work in the area of labor and workforce development in Afghanistan and abroad.

Sabzwar operates in Afghanistan as a general services company, license number D-66178 assigned by the Central Business Registry & Intellectual Property Directorate (CBR-IP) at the Afghan Ministry of Commerce. We have fully compliant tax status at the Ministry of Finance and are registered at the Medium Tax Payers Office. Sabzwar is a Gold Member of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and is also registered as an approved vendor under the various international contracting databases, including the American Joint Contingency Contracting System (JCCS), registrant number 88544.

The key strength of Sabzwar lies in its rich pool of in-house expertise, as well as a large network of associates and partners within Afghanistan and internationally. It is thanks to this strength, and our values of integrity, competence and innovations, that we aspire to become a partner of choice for national and international entities operating in Afghanistan and beyond.

Consulting and support services are highly competitive fields. What gives Sabzwar an edge over others is not only our unique perspective, but also the rich pool of human resources we have developed. In addition to a core management team, we have a network of associates who are brought in on an ad-hoc basis to perform specific tasks.